Sunday, October 14, 2012

Building our New Home

Just down the road from where we currently live is a quaint little neighborhood currently building.  Ryan Homes is the builder and we have been eying this community for quite some time now.  We love that it is in a better and smaller school district; providing more opportunities for our kids.  We also love the fact that we can build a house again and get it just the way we want it.  This is this house we plan to be in for a long time, so getting it just right is important to us.  Also attracting us to this neighborhood, is the fact it is so quiet with only 60 lots tucked in the back of an older neighborhood.
Ryan Homes is currently building right in our price range and offers some upgrades that we have always wanted in our dream home.  We have decided to go with the 'Florence' model which is slightly bigger (200 more square feet) than what we currently have.  In many ways it reminds me of our house now: 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, loft, and an open floor plan on the main level.  Yet, we are incorporating some elements we have always dreamed of having in a home: morning room, gourmet kitchen, hardwood flooring, stone fireplace, and walk-out basement on a wooded lot. 

Our lot!

We have already been through the selections and financial processes with Ryan.  We signed a contingency with Ryan Homes on the sale of our current home.  Since our house is officially under contract, we are now just waiting for closing to get started with the construction of our new home.  Fingers crossed for a smooth and successful closing so we can start the next chapter of home-ownership!

 Future Home!

On a side note, the kids are starting to understand what is going on.  We drive past our lot so much that they now refer to it as "the neighborhood".  They seem excited about getting a new house, but I am not quite so sure they understand we will have to leave or current house in order to get the new one.  The next few weeks should be interesting as we try to explain to two three year-olds that we are going to pack up all of our things and go live with Grammy and Papa for a while. 


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