Monday, November 26, 2012

An Inside Look...

This weekend we were able to sneak inside the house and get a look at our future home for the first time!  So excited!  Now for way too many pictures!

 Front Room (We will use it as a sitting room/study)

Powder Room & Closet

Front Room, Foyer, Powder Room, & Closet

Great Room With Stone Fireplace

Morning Room with Sliding Glass Door

Morning Room with Gourmet Kitchen Island

Kitchen and Pantry on the Right

Kitchen Pantry and Fridge Area

Mudroom/Laundry Room & Garage Entry

Upstairs Looking Down on Great Room

Upstairs Loft

Bedroom #1 (I guess I didn't take a pic of Bedroom #2?!)

Upstairs Full Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Master Walk-In Closet

Master Bedroom with view of Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom with Soaking Tub/Shower Combo and Linen Closet


Walk-out Basement

Basement Morning Room Storage

Back Exterior

Front Exterior

Friday, November 23, 2012

Well, That Was Fast...

We drove by the house on Wednesday and sure enough, they had started framing the first floor.   But wouldn't you know it, I left my camera at home!  We ran into our project manager and he chatted with us for a bit about the progress of the house.  On a side note: we love our PM!  He is so friendly and is always willing to talk with us about the progress of the house.  We built our last home and I can tell you our PM was not this good!  Hopefully our relationship with the PM will continue to be strong throughout the rest of our build.

Anyway, one thing the PM wanted to stress to us was that he didn't want his crew working on Thanksgiving, and we totally agreed with him that everyone should get a holiday.  We had no expectations for them to work on Thanksgiving.  With that, he thought our house would be under roof by Monday.

We restrained ourselves from driving out there yesterday (Thanksgiving), but we couldn't resist today.  When we turned into our neighborhood, my husband and I both gawked and muttered something along the lines of, "Oh my...!"  Our house was practically built!  Either the crew worked on Thanksgiving, or they put in some serious overtime on Tuesday!  We were totally shocked and surprised by what we saw!  Excited, but simply shocked!

We are hoping to stop by again sometime this weekend so that we can get a sneak peak inside! :)  We are all (including the kids) getting really excited now!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Slabs Poured and a Special Delivery!

Went by the house yesterday to find that slabs have been poured in the driveway and basement.  We also arrived to see our windows, sliding glass doors, stairs, and exterior doors sitting on the lot next door.

We were kinda bummed because our PM told us that lumber would be there and they would start framing on Wednesday (today).  Clearly, there was no lumber.  Yet, just as we were getting into the car, look what we saw!

Our lumber! Yay!  It was delivered just like the PM said!  Hopefully we can get back to the house today to see some framing action!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Footers, Plumbing, and Foundation

The last two weeks have been a little slow, but we are able to find patience in knowing that the foundations of our home are quite important to get 'just right'.

On Thursday, November 8th we stopped by to see the beginnings of laying down the footers for our home.

We went back by the house again on Friday to see the finalization of the footers, gravel fill, and a drainage pipe around the exterior perimeter of where the foundation will be.

This past week some rain delayed the start of our foundation being poured, but after our weekly contact with the project manager on Friday, we were reassured that everything is right on track.  Our foundation is poured and we should expect slabs, inspection, and lumber deliver early this week.  Hopefully by Wednesday they will start framing!

Garage and Front Porch

Walkout Basement

1/2 Bath in Basement
From the Backyard

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We Have a Hole!

At our pre-construction meeting last week, our project manager told us they would break ground on Tuesday.  Well, that was yesterday and it didn't happen.  So, needless to say, we were disappointed when we drove by the lot to see that nothing had changed.

Early this morning Drew sent a text to our PM asking if they would begin digging this week, and the PM replied that they were currently digging!  Yay!!!  I have never been so excited about a hole!  Here are some pictures of our hole.  Footers will be poured tomorrow! :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

When One Door Closes, Another Opens...

Last Friday, October 26th, we officially closed on our house.  It was smooth, seamless, and very painless!  Since we were being bought by an investor in California, he signed the papers the day before which made our closing literally 5 minutes.  We walked away with the biggest check we have ever seen, and a nice 'thank you' gift from our real estate agent.

We spent the night before the closing finishing up a few things at the house and giving the kids a chance to say goodbye.  It was very emotionally for our whole family to leave our beloved home of three years.  I was pretty strong up until the very end when my daughter said, "Mommy, I am going to miss this house."  Then I just lost it.  The tears started flowing and I just couldn't stop.  Here are a few pictures that we took during our 'goodbye'.

Bubby and Sissy Love

Drew with our Saint Joseph statue!  Hey, he only took a week to work for us!

Our last family picture at the old house

Giving the house a hug and a kiss goodbye

Like the title of this post says, when one door closes another opens.  And these past few weeks of our life couldn't reflect that saying any more.  We said goodbye to our first home on Friday, October 26th and we had our pre-constuction meeting on the new house on Wednesday, October 31st.  Our lot has been staked, and we spent the meeting going over every little detail about the house before we begin actually building.  The meeting went very well and took about an hour and a half.  Our PM seems very nice and took notes on a few special requests that we had (like back yard grading, and locations of outlets).

Staked! This is where our front porch will be!

Stakes where kitchen/morning room will be
 View from back yard/ walkout basement
The pre-constuction meeting was our last chance to make any changes and I seized that opportunity!  When making selections for the house, I knew I wanted a soaking tub.  Yet, when it came time to start cutting upgrades (because you can't have it all!), the tub I had longed for was one of the first things to go.  I just couldn't justify spending $4,000 on a separate tub/shower just so that I could take a bath maybe twice a month.  Not to mention the shower is tiny, and that is where you will be spending more time!  Anyways, I inquired about the depth of the traditional shower/tub combo and while looking at the selection sheet, I noticed a soaking tub/shower combo!  It is the size of a traditional soaking tub (42 x 60) but also turns into a shower stall!  I saw this on one of the Ryan Homes blogs a while back and just thought it was not an option for our house.  But after seeing it on the selection sheet and asking about it, our sales rep looked into it and it is available in our home!  Yessss!  I can take a soaking bath without the $4,000 price tag and having to sacrifice my shower space.  I am very happy with this decision and last minute change!  I can't find much on the internet about this type of shower/tub but here is a picture of one looks like that I found on another Ryan Homes blog.

Soaking tub/shower combo (taken from another Ryan Homes blogger!)
Before we left our pre-construction meeting,  our PM gave us a timeline for when it looks like things will be happening.  They will start digging on Tuesday of this week (November 6th) and will be planning on placing the footers on Wednesday.  As long as the weather holds up, our house will probably be framed by Thanksgiving!  As of now we are looking at the end of January for our house to be completed.  Cross your fingers for a gentle winter!  

A few days after our pre-construction meeting, we took the kids by the lot so that they could explore and see the lot before things get going.  Below is a picture of them 'breaking ground' on the new home.  I love this picture so much and this is definitely going to have to find a spot to display in our home!

Breaking ground on the new home!