Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Slabs Poured and a Special Delivery!

Went by the house yesterday to find that slabs have been poured in the driveway and basement.  We also arrived to see our windows, sliding glass doors, stairs, and exterior doors sitting on the lot next door.

We were kinda bummed because our PM told us that lumber would be there and they would start framing on Wednesday (today).  Clearly, there was no lumber.  Yet, just as we were getting into the car, look what we saw!

Our lumber! Yay!  It was delivered just like the PM said!  Hopefully we can get back to the house today to see some framing action!


M said...

Nice progress! Now for the really exciting part... watching the house take shape! It happens so fast! It seems like we just starting framing and we are off to our pre-drywall meeting in a few minutes!

RickandNadase said...

Hi Valerie, get your camera ready! Your house is about to Rise up! This stage is so exciting be sure, if you are able to catch as much action as you can!! It happens so fast--within four -five days you will have a house standing. Happy Framing and Happy Thanksgiving.

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