Thursday, December 13, 2012

Siding Going Up!

When we drove by the house yesterday our siding was sitting in the driveway, so we obviously couldn't resist a quick drive-by after work today!  Yay for sandy tan siding!  Yay for canyon shake! Yay for almond trim!

We also ran into the PM while visiting the house and he was expecting next week to be a big week with: painting, trim, exterior stone work, floor installation, cabinet installation, and the stone fireplace!  Can't wait for next week!


M said...

Awesome siding color! =)

Your PM has a lot planned next week!

Aubrey Mullins said...

I’m offering you my congratulations as early as now! There’s really a different kind of excitement once you see your new home slowly being built. You did a great job in choosing the sandy tan siding, as it will make your curb look warm once you’re done with the landscaping. I look forward to seeing your house fully built. =)

Aubrey Mullins

Rolf said...

How's everything by now? It must be very close to finished! I bet it’s gonna be a very unforgettable experience to finally move into your new house! Moving in and the first few days in the new house are the best parts because of that "new" ambiance!

Rolf Matchen

Miley Waterman said...

Very nice choice, Val! I’ve always loved the warmth of natural tones and they’re not the type to show obvious changes in color as the years pass. :D I’m pretty sure lots of greens would complement your house exterior well! May I ask if you have planter boxes surrounding the house? -->Miley