Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Update on Our Busy Week!

Well, this week is a busy week at the house, just like the PM said it would be!  So far they have painted all the walls and ceilings, installed the hardwood and vinyl, and have prepped for interior/exterior stone.  Looking good!  I will update later this week with hopefully some pictures of stone, cabinets, and trim! :)


And that's as far as I got with my pictures...the PM showed up and we started chatting!

Prepped for stone!

Sneak peek at the hardwood!

Vinyl in mudroom/laundry room

Vinyl in both upstairs bathrooms


M said...

Looking good! We are supposed to get our hardwood next week and I cannot wait to see it!

Valerie said...

M, I think we have the same color (saddle) and I can tell you it is much more beautiful in person than it is in these pictures! :)

M said...

Yep, we have the saddle hardwood too!