Saturday, December 29, 2012

24 Days and Counting...

We are officially less than a month away from closing!  We went by the house today and saw some wonderful progress.  First, when we pulled up we saw three guys working on the exterior brick in the snow!  Heading inside we noticed all of our interior lights we installed and working, they installed all the elongated toilets, and they stained the railings!  Everything looks so good, I am getting more and more anxious by the day! :)

 Here is what we saw when we pulled up!  Working in the cold and snow!

 View from our morning room through the sliding glass door

 Finished stone on the outside (Bucks County Ledgestone)

 Stain disaster!  All Ryan homes bloggers can sympathize!

 More stain disaster!

 View from the master = Winter Wonderland!

 Beautiful stained railing upstairs (Chestnut)

 Master bath lighting

 Soaking garden tub/ shower combo (I am so excited about this!)

 More stained railing!

 Stone by the front door

 Beautiful front door!

 Lighting in powder room

Elongated toilets

 Stained railing downstairs with recessed light

 Still waiting for stone (but eyeball light installed!)

 I love my kitchen!  Especially with our new recessed lights!

 Another shot...Hopefully getting some appliances and counter tops soon!

Still left to be done:
Counter tops
Hardware on cabinets
Hardware on all doors
Another coat of paint
Install shelves throughout house
Outside concrete
Outside trim painting
Install outside lamp post

24 days!!! Lots to be done!! :)


M said...

The house is looking really good! I love, love, love the outside of your house!!! And how awesome is it that they were doing the stone in the snow?! Now that's dedication!

We got lucky because the workers only got a little bit of stain on our wall, but you have a lot more railing to stain... we just had the handrail. At least they made the mess before carpet went in though.

It's so hard to believe that we are less than a month away from closing... we are getting anxious too! =)

RickandNadase said...

Hi Valerie, my has time flown by!!!!!! It still amazes me how fast this homes go up once they start the build. I love the stone, the color of your cabinets and the front door.

Valerie said...

Thanks M! I am so grateful for our incredible workers Ryan has found for our house! They are all so nice and work so hard!

I love the railing, but mess is just ridiculous! It is all over the place! Oh well, it is water-based so it should clean up fairly well and they still need to paint. I agree, at least they put the carpet in last! :)

I am so excited about closing! Your house looks fabulous and I have been using it as a "what should come next in my house" reference, so thanks! :) Can't wait!

Valerie said...

Thanks RickandNadase! Time has gone by so quickly! I can't believe we are only 24 days away from closing! I bet you are so excited! You close soon! Good luck with everything! :)

M said...

I'm glad you could use our house as a reference... when I first started blogging I couldn't find another blogger that was building a Florence. It's very cool that there are now three others building with me! =)

Aand M said...

I love the exterior of your house!! I also love the stain color! I really hope our stain matches our hardwood but in the show room they didn't have anything even close so I plan on replacing the hand rail later because if it doesn't match it will conflict with my OCD LOL!!

Valerie said...

Thanks Aand M! I was really nervous about the stain color, but I really like the way it has turned out. Ryan Homes in our area doesn't offer to stain the railing the color of your flooring, you have to pick it all out yourself. The color of our flooring had nothing comparable to the stains they offered. So, I just had to choose the one closest and wish for luck. The color we have on our railings in MinWax Water-Based Chestnut. Best of luck with your railing!

Cody Charlebois said...
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