Monday, December 24, 2012

Busy Week Update #2

Just wanted to do a quick update with pictures on our busy week.  Everything the PM said would get done, did get done except the interior and exterior stone.  The stone guy had the flu this past week... boo! :(  Well, hopefully he gets to feeling better this week!  This week will be slow due to the holiday, but they are still ahead of schedule on our house anyways!  Happy holidays!  Here a few updated pictures!

 Timberlake Scottsdale Maple Cognac 42" cabinets with trim...beautiful!

 View from morning room

 Dying to see the hardwood against the cabinets!

 Morning Room

 Morning Room again

 Still prepped for stone...hopefully this week! :)

 Front Room with trim

 Laundry Room/ Mudroom

 Master Bathroom with vanity space and Scottsdale Maple Spice cabinets

 Oversized soaking tub/shower

 Vinyl (Armstrong Initiator in Glenville Creme) with Maple Spice Cabinets

 Master Bathroom with view on non-standard window

 Master Bedroom

 Backyard View from Master Bedroom

 Master Walk-in Closet (so excited about all that space!)

 Upstairs full bathroom

 Scottsdale Maple Spice Cabinets in other upstairs bathroom

 Bedroom #2

 Bedroom #1

 Upstairs hallway with railing


View from Loft

Hopefully I will be able to update with some progress later this week.  Have a wonderful holiday!


RickandNadase said...

Hi. Valerie isn't it amazing how fast the time goes once the building starts--everything looks great. The Maple Cognac is a pretty color!!

Btw I am noticing everyone is getting the taller cabinet over the microwave/range. We were going to get it too and it's still in the garage. I requested to keep the other one. I am curious about the change.

Valerie said...

Thanks RickandNadase! From what I understand, the taller cabinet is a part of the "Energy Star 3.0" certification. Because the new Energy Star homes are sealed so tight the microwave has to vent to directly outside instead of circulating throughout the house. It has something to do with the vent placement. Very interesting... I was really hesitant to see if I would like it or not, and so far I think it adds a nice touch... we will see as time goes on how I feel about it! :)

M said...

Everything is looking great! Love the Maple Cognac cabinets! I hope the stone guy is feeling better soon so we can see your stone installed!

I'm hoping we'll get hardwood and carpet this week!

I was a little surprised that the cabinet over the microwave was so high, but I really like it... especially with the crown molding!

RickandNadase said...

This is interesting because our cabinet like this is sitting in the garage and the microwave and cooktop have yet to be installed. Our PM told me he was installing the new cabinet because thats what they were building and we also paid to have the microwave vent to the outside for $750. This is worth looking into because we may be able to get this money refunded back to us. When I went back to the house I saw the cabinet I actually ordered installed. I wonder how this will affect our Energy star certification.

Valerie said...

Hmmmm... I bet you could fight that $750. I know that the whole change to the outside vent happened sometime in September/October. That is when our SR told us about it... I didn't even know it was an upgrade to vent it outside.

RickandNadase said...

I am definitely going to ask about it, we broke ground on October 3 so I think that qualifies us. We shall see????